CareLend Germany is the leading company in the recruitment of medical nurses in Germany. The company is part of the meineagentur24 Group which has almost 18 years of experience in the field of recruiting doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists in Germany. The company prides itself on being the only company in the world that has these three features:
* 18 years of experience in the field of recruiting nurses in Germany
* The company controls the full process from the finest German language training, all the way to the nursing license and post-work services.
* The company operates in different countries in the world

The key to our success is being a client-centric organization. We strive to provide the highest service quality. Throughout the whole process, we provide care in an individualized manner.

The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it

CareLend, where dreams come true

Adaptation course
for foreign
Nursing staff

Recognition procedure
through an adaptation course from CareLend GmbH

Depending on the federal state, foreign nurses have to pass certain exams in order to obtain their professional permit or approval to work as a nurse. In order to be able to pass these exams, very good preparation is required – linguistically and technically!

Adaptation measure / Adaptation course
According to § 66a Paragraph 1 of the Act on Nursing Professions (PfIBG) of July 17, 2017 (BGBI. I p. 2581) in the currently valid version, according to § 2 of the Act on Professions in Nursing (Nursing Act – KrPEIG) of July 16, 2003 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1442) in the version dated December 31, 2019, the possibility of granting applicants permission to use the professional title “health and nurse” who have acquired training outside the scope of this law. The prerequisites for this are that the training has been completed and that the level of training is equivalent to that of the German training.Foreign nursing staff with foreign qualifications – in particular from EU third countries – must submit an application for recognition of their qualifications to the respective state authority (preferably before leaving for Germany). As a rule , the qualifications are not equated with a German qualification in the nursing field. As a result, the applicant or the foreign carer receives the so-called deficit notification.

This gives the carer the opportunity to choose one of two options:

1) Participation in the knowledge test directly after arriving in Germany.

This option is not recommended because there are indeed differences between the international curricula and the curricula in the 16 federal states of the FRG. This means that the likelihood that the applicant will pass this exam is rather low.

2) Participation in an adaptation measure with a certified provider of such measures.

The duration of the adaptation measure varies from person to person and is determined by the respective state authority. This measure includes a theoretical part, where the nurse takes part in frontal teaching, as well as a practical part in a medical facility.

The aim of the adjustment measure is to eliminate all theoretical and practical deficits in foreign qualifications that have been identified by the competent state authority.

Compensate for deficits with CareLend

CareLend supports foreign nurses and employers from Germany in eliminating all deficits in their foreign qualifications identified by the relevant state authority and recorded in the “deficit notification”. This is done through a modular adaptation measure that is individually adapted to each foreign nurse.

Process of the adjustment measure

Process flow chart

Here you will find out in detail every step from the interview to the receipt of the professional certificate or professional license of your employees as a specialist in the nursing sector. Until the foreign nurse arrives in Germany, all steps are non-binding for you as an employer. We assume various types of costs in advance. Please click here to find out more.

Depending on the funding available in the respective federal state, we apply for funding for the extensive integration of foreign nursing staff.

The CareLend integration concept provides:

Social environment

“Sustainable home through contacts in the social environment”

Perception of the district

“Good acceptance of the work and living environment outside of the big city and in eastern Germany “


“Anyone looking for a first-class company has found it here. Without compromise, the best company in the industry. “

Online contact

“To future travelers approx. 6 – 8 weeks before entry”


“In the accommodation and first personal contact together with the CareLend employees as well as permanent telephone contact for all everyday questions including the content of life in Germany”

Content of the orientation course

“For migration are constantly embedded (democracy, holidays, religion, history, etc.)”

City tour

“In the place of residence and the district town for orientation and with content-related questions and discussions”

Integration group meeting

“As an offer for all foreign nurses living in the district.”

Creation of contact interfaces

“About life in Germany (contacts, activities, etc.)”

Regional activities

“To make the aPFK at home in the district, to give impulses for leisure, sport and contacts”

One-on-one interviews

“To motivation and goals, but also a permanent discussion offer for all personal problems”

Extensive support

“To initiate and support an independent everyday organization”

Life planning

“Relocations, family reunification, offers and networking for and with families, etc.”

Class days in the education center

“For the concentrated transfer of knowledge about the region, federal state, Germany, politics, history, climate, living and working, children and families, leisure time in Germany also as a way of coping with stress and balancing out work, etc.”

International meeting

“Meeting place for locals and nursing staff

Objective: public awareness, arouse interest, find contacts, conversations and discussions, “stage” for initiatives “

Intensive networking in the communal and social network through

  • Voluntary work in the vicinity of the Protestant communities (family work, pastoral care, lectures and seminars as the pastor’s wife)
  • Co-initiator of short-term refugee initiatives in 2015
  • Networking with municipal and social organizations and initiatives
  • The adopted home of Leipziger Neuseenland for 10 years

Many years of experience in life, advice, supervision and seminars


  • Life counseling (Bildungsinitiative eV)
  • Systemic counseling and therapy (SIS)
  • Supervision (Bildungsinitiative eV)
  • System constellations
  • stud. Bc. Applied Psychology (Apollon University of Health Economics)


  • Employee and management coaching
  • Individual, group and team supervision
  • Family education advisor
  • Individual, couple and family counseling
  • Further training for counselors and pastors
  • 15 years of funding experience in the non-profit sector

Ulrike Mallschützke

Integration officer for nursing staff at meineagentur24 and CareLend GmbH

” Integration is not a guarantee, but a foundation

for a long-term, dignified and for everyone

Pages profitable cooperation with

foreign nurses and for

their fulfilled life in the EQUIPPED district in Germany “

Graduate in business administration Mohammed Behairy

Shareholder / managing director

CareLend GmbH

The company is continuously expanding globally. Nurses can reach us through one of our branches in currently 5 countries around the world. German health care providers can contact our headquarter in Germany to discuss their nursing staff requirements.

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